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The Nitty Gritty

A.K.A Pricing

The pricing for these services is based upon the numerous hours spent planning your shoot, executing the shots, and carefully selecting and editing each image to create the best final outcome as well as the resources required for the duration of each of these steps.

I strive to deliver exactly what you want, whatever it may be. For this reason, my pricing is not static and can be altered to meet your needs. If for any reason you would like for me to make and amendment for your brief please get in touch. Your offers are always worth my time.

Portraits and Headshots

Need personalised and fuss free pics for your business profile? Maybe you'd just like a few nice photos for your hallway. Clean and simple pics that are all about you are both a personal and professional benefit and start from just £50 per 'on-set'  hour.
alice 1.jpg

Boudoir and Pole

Sexy pictures don't have to be gaudy or gross, but more importantly they shouldn't be about anyone's fantasies but yours.

Whether they're for you, for someone else, or a bit of both get captured in a way that's empowering, artistic, and flattering.

Fall in love with your beauty and be bold starting from £75 per 'on-set' hour.

I'm very stressed_#pole #poledancing #portraitphotography #documentaryphotography #fashion

Editorial and Commission

Editorial? Campaign? Look-book? Album Art?

Let's get creative! We can build a mind blowing concept and conceive a dazzling work of art.

I'm not just about fashion kiddo! I am a full blown culture vulture who is bursting with bright ideas.

Sling me a message and pitch and idea. My day rate is £200



I specialise in fashion events but I'm down for any kind of party. 

So whether its a catwalk or a car-show my pictures can bring an air of glamour to any day.

Rates start from just £45 per 'on-site' hour.

Pam Hogg encompassed British fashion with her lfw catwalk and _ellierwinstone stole the sh

Commerce and Ecommerce

Great product shots are an absolute must-have. Say goodbye to backgrounds with messy gradients and awkward product styling that just doesn't work.

My technical expertise and visual merchandising experience are the ultimate weapon against sad, boring product shots and my day rate starts from just £180.


Fashion Photographer. Edinburgh Photographer. Branding Photographer

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